Who is Gerard?

Gerard is a member of the Knowledge Club. He wants to know everything AND everything else!

He wants to know more about you and welcomes your persona inside his “Amazing” world!

If Gerard can amaze you, or at least put a smile on your face three minutes after meeting him, he considers his day a Success.

As a 40 year veteran of the stage, working both sides of the curtain, he feels at home with an audience of one or many.

As a child, Gerard’s favorite toy was the record player. His favorite books were comics. In school when asked what he would like like to be when he grows up, Gerard answered “A Magician”. He was told that he can’t do both. (Grow up AND be a magician!)

Gerard follows the John Lennon train of thought, IMAGINE. He hope you will too.

Keep in touch with him by email at amazingerard@me.com